Children’s Day

Children's Day

Giving families a cosy home is one of our main goals at Love Home Fabrics. Children often form a big part of these families, which is also why we highly value their comfort, their health and their level of fun. Today, in honour of International Children Day, we’re looking back on some memorable moments when kids met our fabrics.

1. Children and stains on your sofa: great match!

Vivalife performance fabrics, launched in January of this year by Ter Molst, revolves around celebrating daily life to the fullest. Making stains in a sofa is inevitable when you have children, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to have breakfast or dinner in it. The cleanable Vivalife fabrics allow the fun and let you easily clean the mess afterwards.

vivalife performance fabric

With that idea in mind, we brought together a group of children in Lille, France. We handed them pizzas, burgers and cream pie without further instructions and let them go wild on furniture upholstered with Vivalife. It resulted in these cheerful and charming pictures, which still bring a smile to our face  every time we see them. In case you didn’t know: celebrating life mostly comes with a sugar rush.

2. Fairytales always do the trick

When we first met little Zoë, she was quite shy and felt most comfortable in the near presence of her mum. Her new ‘grandpa’, however, took out a story book, put her on the couch next to him, and started telling her the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty. In no time, Zoë was cuddling up in our fabrics and laughing out loud. Does this look like the perfect Sunday afternoon, or what?

Children's Day


3. Not everything goes as planned

Children's Day

Our first plan was to shoot this photos series with a family of four, but Felix and his sister decided to mix things up a bit. Felix’ big sister didn’t want her dad to model and wasn’t very keen on being in our pictures herself, so she decided to just leave the scene and return to her parents. Just after this picture was taken, little Felix had to get a completely new outfit – which, of course, was ready for laundry only minutes later as well.

Daily life is always around the corner, which is exactly what makes it exciting every time again. With Love Home Fabrics, we aim to bring the fabrics that support and wrap your family at all times and offer you comfort and beauty for both the bad and the good moments.