Fabric quality testing machine

Love Quality Fabrics

We’ve always presented Love Home Fabrics as a quality label. But what exactly does it stand for? What quality do we provide and how do we provide it? Time for a better view on how we work every day to bring you our high-quality interior fabrics.

Fabrics that wear the Love Home Fabrics label are by definition qualitative fabrics. That makes it easy for you to select the right fabric for your furniture, no matter how limited or extensive your fabric knowledge. Every day, more than 1,500 people worldwide work hard to stay true to our commitment of guaranteed quality and fashionable designs. Your home should be a carefree, loving safe haven, and we all want to make sure it stays that way.


How we keep up these standards? It’s quite simple: experience and craftsmanship form the basis of everything, but it’s dedication and love for our product that gives it its own identity. All of our colleagues, however short or long they’ve been working with us, are trained and inspired by their peers. This results in design and production improvement on a continuous basis.

Our story revolves around people, not only in our production processes. At all times, the end consumer is kept in mind. This way, we can reflect every improvement we make in the interiors of the people bringing our fabrics into their homes.


Over the last three years, we invested more than 20 million euro in our plants worldwide. The technology in our industry is ever-changing and we consider it our duty to keep investing in our machinery and our people, in order to provide you with the best possible fabrics.

Within our group, we have everything in-house: our extrusion plants create our own yarns, our knitting and weaving mills run 24/7 to make any fabric you can imagine, and our finishing department adds specific characteristics to every fabric. To make sure that all fabrics leaving our companies are in accordance with required standards, we check them in our inspection department and test them in both in-house and external quality control labs.

Being vertically integrated gives us the chance to control every step of the production process. Quality defects can be discovered and fixed at an early stage, ensuring the best possible quality at the end.


Quality remains one of our main focuses. When innovating, we always have you, your home and your comfort in the back of our minds. We aim to become even more durable (both our fabrics and our production), convenient and beautiful, so you can enjoy our fabrics even longer.