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#hackyourjeans: How Old Denim Can Make Your Home Sustainable

Jeans never goes out of style. Even when your trousers are completely worn out, we make sure they’re here to stay. With two new collections by Pieters Textiel and Clarysse, we combine the timeless denim trend with sustainable solutions. EverJean and Towel2 are made in collaboration with ESG Green for #hackyourjeans and consist of almost 50% recycled denim.

Recycled denim

With the launch of Act for Home Textiles earlier this year, we already emphasised our care for sustainability. As part of that programme, we’re now launching Towel2 and EverJean as part of #hackyourjeans. #hackyourjeans is a sustainability project in collaboration with ESG Green, which spins yarns from recycled denim.

For the post-consumer recycled denim yarns, ESG Green strips jeans fabrics from all extra elements such as zippers and buttons, shreds them into fibres and spins them into new yarns. All yarns consist of up to 50% recycled denim and that’s a big high five for climate care.


  • It saves water. A lot. For 1000 Towel2s, for example, we save half an Olympic swimming pool!
  • We emit less CO2. With the amount of CO2 we save per 1000 Towel2s, you could drive all the way from Lisbon in Portugal to Athens in Greece.
  • We don’t have to dye our fabrics. That’s a win-win situation, because it means we don’t have to use chemicals nor water.

So that elegant blue denim look and colour? All natural and made possible by your old jeans trousers.

Drop your jeans for the climate - Pieters Textiel and Clarysse

Towel2 is available in all usual sizes at www.clarysse.com/towel2
Discover EverJean at IMM Cologne, hall 9.1 A042. Get tickets here.