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How to Keep Things Tidy: We Used Marie Kondo's Declutter Tricks

Keeping things tidy around the house often results in a clear mind. Is your home ready for some decluttering? Tackle every room using the tips and tricks Marie Kondo has been preaching for years. Happy organising!

How to get started

Marie Kondo is a true organisation guru. You might know her from her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up or – more likely – from her Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, where she helps people declutter their homes.

The KonMari Method helps you to tidy up your entire home category by category, going from clothes over books to miscellaneous and sentimental items. Make sure not to start running before you know how to walk: try organizing your home one category a day, as things might get messy otherwise. We recommend going about every room one by one.

Living room: everything needs a spot

The living room is the centre of your family life. It’s where you have long talks, enjoy Friday night dinner from time to time, and spend the evening reading a book or watching tv. As you probably spend most of your time here, things might easily get out of hand.

The trick? Make sure that everything has its own spot. Find a place for the remote, your books and that fluffy blanket to tidy up the mess in no time.

Tidy living room after tidying up

Kitchen: keep daily-use items close

Closed cabinets are your Clean House Champions. By blocking all your kitchenware from view, your kitchen will instantly look – and feel! – calmer. Store all frequently used items where you can easily reach them and sort them per category. Your future self can thank you later. 

Wicker storage baskets to store things you frequently use

Bedroom: bye-bye mess, hello relaxation

Think relaxation and waking up refreshed. That doesn’t involve that pile of clothes on The Chair, does it?

Your bedroom should be your safe haven, free from everything that can be labelled ‘stuff’. Toys? Hoover? Storage boxes you should definitely clean out sometime soon? They don’t belong here. Clean out the mess, give everything that’s left a specific place in the house and keep it there.

Also perfect for your bedroom: the KonMari Folding Method to put away your clothes.

Bathroom: stack it up

Keep it clean and stack it up. Marie Kondo is a big believer of horizontal organisation to keep drawers tidy. Big plus: it helps to quickly find what you’re looking for. No more rush finding those cotton buds or bobby pins sound like a welcome Monday morning, right?

Stack of folded towels in bathroom

Most importantly: it should be fun

But above all, make sure to keep it fun. Your house is meant for living, so make sure it sparks joy, as Marie Kondo would say. Decorations make your home feel like you and memories should never be far off, whichever room you’re in.

Have you tried Marie Kondo’s practices around the house?